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DRM-IIThermal conductivity tester

DRM-IIThermal conductivity tester


DRM-I Thermal conductivity tester

The characteristic of this instrument is: The device is simple, accuracy is high, test fast (test for about ten minutes once), can measure the heat conduction coefficient of the material in a test at the same time, lead warm coefficient and specific heat, and can measure and include the hot physical performance under the wet state differently.

Technical parameter:

1, The range of application: Instrument this suitable for, determine dry different to include wet state homogenize tabular, glue, liquid form, powder form heat conduction coefficient of material, lead warm coefficient and specific heat. Examined in the material heat conduction coefficient range in 0.035-1.7w/m.k;

2, Power: -220V,50HZ;

3, The external dimension is (long  * wide  * high): 600*440*720(mm);

4, Condition of work

①Ambient temperature is 10-35 ℃

②Relative humidity ≤ 80%

③Demand to stabilize 1.5 ℃ of ≤± at room temperature;

5, Measure accuracy ± 5% of the result;

6, DRM-II connects to the location machine, realizes the computer tests automatically, the data are printed and exported.

Basic principle;

DRM tester regard stabilizing the heat conduction principle foundation as, short time heat among experiment material, make the temperature of the experiment material change, according to its change"s characteristic, through the solving of differential equation of heat conduction, can calculate the heat conduction coefficient of testing the material, lead warm coefficient and specific heat..




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