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DRH-Ⅱ coefficient of thermal conductivity tester (the hot plate method)



DRH-Ⅱ Thermal conductivity meterDescription:

This instrument based on stable thermal conductive principle, one-way when sample, the two sides are in different stable temperature measurement, the heat transfer area through effective heat flow and surface temperature difference between the two, and thickness calculation coefficient of thermal conductivity. Meet the materials detection department of materials coefficient of thermal conductivity of high precision testing requirements. Instrument reference standard GB/T3399 "plastic coefficient of thermal conductivity test methods, the hot plate law, GB/T3139-2005 (fiber reinforced plastic coefficient of thermal conductivity test method) (FRP coefficient of thermal conductivity test method), GB / 10294-2008 (adiabatic material steady-state thermal resistance and related properties determination of hot plate protection method), etc. The main test plastic, glass, fiber, foam, heat preservation material, etc. Widely used in large and medium-sized college, scientific research units, quality inspection department and the material analysis detection manufacturer.
The main technical performance
1 and the application scope
This device can be used for determination in dry or wet conditions with different qualitative material, powder and the plate, the thermal conductivity of colloidal material.
Coefficient of thermal conductivity range: 0.05 ~ 2 w/m • k
2, instrument provides on the experiment temperature controlled state of the test to realize; And can reach the highest temperature of 100 ℃.
3, instrument digital temperature measurement precision, better than the 0.2 level.
4, power supply: 220 V / 50 HZ ac
5, measurement accuracy result plus or minus 3%
6, measuring heating power 35 W plus or minus 1%.
7, can connect PC to realize the automatic computer test, and realize the data printing output.
8, sample size requirement: 200 x 200 x (5-20) (mm)
9, working conditions
(1)10℃~ 35℃ environment temperature
(2) the relative humidity 80% or less RH
Note: according to the needs of the users build 300 x 300 mm, 600 x 600 mm specifications.







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