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SMDR Meter temperature thermal conductivity of the graphite material






     The instrument uses the sample DC longitudinal heat flow method, the cylindrical sample along the specimen longitudinal ends by the heat generated in the current conduction, to achieve stability, that is one-dimensional longitudinal heat flow and sample and the measurement is corrected to the environmental exchange. Meet GB/T8722-2008 "Method for determination of requirements applicable to the determination of thermal conductivity of the graphite material in the range of 100 ~ 1300 ℃ temperature thermal conductivity graphite material.

The main technical parameters:

1, the test temperature range: 100 ~ 1300 ℃, using high-precision digital instrument temperature measurement synchronization and computer communications, precision better than 0.1;

2, thermal conductivity test range: 2 to 100W / M * K;

3, sample specifications: Φ16 × 160mm;

4, equipped with a vacuum system, the degree of vacuum: 13.3Pa;

5, test accuracy: better than ± 3%.

6, to provide 500A controllable power.

7, can be associated with a general-purpose computer automated test, data processing and print test report.



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