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WDT-IIDifferential thermal analyzer

The thermal effect of the material is an important parameter to study the physical properties of the materials indicators, analysis of phase equilibria and phase change is an important method. In the industrial sector of the construction materials, minerals and materials related materials require thermal effects, to predict. The instrument to meet the national standard GB/T15814. 3-1995 thermal compatibility test differential thermal analysis ".
    Main measurement and heat-related physical and chemical changes, such as the heat of fusion of the melting point of the substance, the crystallization point of the heat of crystallization, phase change heat of reaction, and thermal stability (oxidation induction period), the glass transition temperature. The differential thermal curve data, the computer display easy to determine the material of the firing system and glass transition process with controlled crystallization process parameters. Widely used in universities, research institutes and production plant material analysis and detection.
The main technical parameters:
1. Operating Temperature: 1200 ° C, 1400 ° C, 1600 ° C users choice.
2. Temperature control: temperature, thermostat, cooling computer control
              Heating rate: 1 ℃ -30 ℃ / min adjustable
3. Difference the heat process: ± 2000 uV, resolution 0.01uV;
4. Sample weight: 0.2g-2g
5. Control accuracy: better than 1%
Data processing: intelligent software to achieve a variety of processing, differential thermal curves, and general-purpose computer to match.
7. Power supply voltage: 220V, 1500W
8 sample loading is very convenient.
9 can be configured according to customer requirements platinum utensils.


  • 高温卧式膨胀仪(热膨胀系数测定仪)---PCY系列



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